What is TOYCO?

TOYCO is the Union of Toy and Children Museums, a constitution that intends to assemble the toy and children museums all around the world, is executed by the founder of the Istanbul Toy Museum, Sunay Akın.

The museums which point at the themes like children, plays and toys are the recent constitutions of the history of civilization. Humankind seized this precision in the near future and conceived the reality that the most important concept of shaping the world development is the children’s plays and their dreams. In this way, children and toy museums-the cheerful places where visitors are strolling around- were come out where   researchers, scientists and educators who created the main memory of this thought, have the opportunities to work.

The basic principle of TOYCO is to bring together the studies of children and toy museums and to supplement the use of dream - the great power that is the most important factor to shape civilization- in the right way in the name of humanity and to produce new ideas. Establishing a strong bond between these museums will provide to share their experiences and their knowledge and will afford them an opportunity to achieve collective projects.

The first meeting of TOYCO aims to expand in the near future by collaborating with the new museums, was arranged in Istanbul, in November 2012.